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Operational Qualification

At Laurus Infosystems, we understand that Quality Checks, Validation and Testing must be done adhering to industry standard practices in order to leave no stone unturned when it comes to Operational delivery. As a result of which we have the best brains and experienced professionals in our Testing and Validation teams. Thus before a system launch, the Laurus Infosystems Quality Assurance team will complete exhaustive testing of the service to ensure its quality. The Team will build test plans and traceability matrices of the use cases developed during the requirements and design phase or of the pre-configured product descriptions.

Performance Qualification

Performance at Laurus Infosystems is of paramount importance and we ensure that we go the extra mile to ensure performance is as expected and qualifies the test. TSG Business Analysts develop test cases to mimic real time scenarios involving system, processes, people and devices.

The objectives of this exercise is for

  1. Testing how the product would hold up through the entire lifecycle of its intended solution
  2. Testing how the stake holders and processes would execute all the activities required in a client project.

Through this process, different test cases are evaluated for success and failure.

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